20 non-truths parents tell kids

We’ve all been there. The kids refusing to go to bed, not eating their food, having a tantrum because they can’t get their way, getting out of buying something – the list goes on. Parents of every generation have resorted to telling harmless white lies to make life easier. I now tell the ones my mum told me to my children and added my own. Fair play!

  1. The music only plays when they have run out of ice cream.
  2. The batteries have run out for that toy.
  3. The tooth fairy must have left the money on the other side of the bed.
  4. Santa didn’t see your list so got you something even better.
  5. If you go to bed now you can stay up later tomorrow.
  6. You can’t have another drink of water before bedtime. The water has run out.
  7. The park is shut as it’s too cold outside.
  8. They don’t allow scooters in this playground.
  9. The school only allows long skirts.
  10. They ran out of chocolate in the shop.
  11. I can’t find the TV remote control.
  12. The WIFI is down again.
  13. You Tube has crashed, so we can’t listen to that song again.
  14. They only have it in this colour which is handy as it’s cheaper.
  15. What a shame the ride is broken. Maybe it will be fixed next time we come to the supermarket?
  16. The sign in this restaurant says children who sit nicely can choose an icecream for dessert.
  17. If you eat your spinach you will get muscles like Popeye.
  18. Broccoli are small trees, so if you eat them you will grow taller.
  19. Reading in the dark will damage your eyes.
  20. Can I have a sip of your Coca Cola? It’s black water and doesn’t taste very nice.

By @mumonschoolrun