What 5 travel memories make you laugh out loud?

It is great to escape our every day surroundings and discover new places around the world. I enjoyed a good laugh speaking to friends, family and fellow travellers about things we have come across. A few still make me put my hands over my eyes. However, at the end of the day, we can only live and learn!

1) Speaking really slowly and loudly in your native language, only to find that the person can speak your language well and pats you on the back.

2) Finding out that an English means something totally different in another language.

I was in Spain and commented that I wish I had driven over in my Mitsubishi Pajero – only to see the man raising his eyebrows at me. I later found out that it is a rude word and has a very different meaning in Spanish.

One lady said a waitress told her she had such a great husband and was a bit confused as he was just saying her name.’ Linda’ means pretty or beautiful in Portuguese.

In Danish, Norwegian and Swedish the word ‘Fart’ means speed. You will see these on road signs: fartbump, fartshump and farthinder. In Polish it means ‘good luck’.

One friend said her kids were playing with new friends who kept saying ‘Das ist der Hammer’ and they were a bit confused until they realised it means ‘awesome’.

3) Drinking the tap water without thinking and then it’s too late.

4) Washing clothes in the sink as there was no way a ridiculous washing bill would be added to the hotel bill. No one wanted to admit this, but everyone did.

5) Slurp away in China and Japan, it shows appreciation, but always leave a little bit on the plate in China as otherwise the cook will feel bad that they did not provide you enough. One friend said she polished off her plate as it was so tasty, only to find the cook adding more to her plate, as a result, she couldn’t eat anymore!

Just a few memories, if you have any funny stories to share from your travels feel free to comment below, i’d love to hear about them.


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