How to make your beauty regime eco-friendly and plastic-free

Today is the day to urge beauty brands to rethink how items are packaged, choose more sustainable options and reduce plastic output. It is Plastic-Free Beauty Day.

Consumers can make changes to their beauty regimes by taking a few simple steps:

Choose a zero waste make up brand

Angel Face use plastic-free refill options in cardboard for their range of natural mineral cosmetics.

Flawless make bamboo and PETA-approved synthetic make up brushes. 

Ethically sourced beauty accessories

Try Tabitha Eve for body sponges, make up pads and travel wipes made out of organic bamboo and cotton.

Use biodegradable face wipes

Yes To Primrose Oil Wipes are made with compostable cellulose and free from parabens so suitable for sensitive skin. You can buy these at Superdrug.

Swap plastic cotton buds for bamboo or paper ones

Bamboo is biodegradable. Eliminate those piles of plastic stem buds!

Don’t use packaging

No brainer. Lush launched a  free from plastic-packaging beauty shop this year. Check it out – you can now take products home wrapped in paper or in a cork container. For more information have a look at

So what’s in your bathroom cupboard that you can change?


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