About Me

I am Maria. I believe life is for living and am a ‘glass half full’ type girl – with a glass of wine in the sunshine and a sea view ideally…

British. Born and raised in Kent, the garden of England. I started writing a diary when I was 7 years old, cutting out bits from my older cousin’s magazines to make a scrap book of all the places I wanted to visit, clothes I wanted to add to my wardrobe, music I wanted to listen to and careers I would like to explore in the future. This ranged from a hairdresser, scientist to find a cures to help people to an explorer with a wide brimmed hat and notebook to capture my adventures. I love a hat – as you can see!

Growing up, primary school was difficult and lonely. I didn’t look like anyone else, so was ignored by my peers until I was 11. Writing helped me express my emotions and dreams and my parents always encouraged me to do so – something I am forever grateful for. This combined with sport and martial arts, achieving my black belt in Karate at 11, gave me focus. It made me more determined to not be defined by narrow minded people but to broaden my horizons and find my place in the world.

My teenage and university years were a blast, I met like-minded people and well, life became a brighter place. I have been lucky to travel across the globe, but life has thrown many obstacles my way and I guess I am destined to dodge curveballs. I have reached breaking point but come through it with the guidance of a strong bubble support network, a growth mindset – that I discovered through counselling – and the realisation that you should never be too proud to reach out and accept help as mental health, self care and physical health are all closely linked.

Work Experience

I write creative copy that sparks a conversation, what’s the point otherwise?

My school work experience at 15 was at Just Seventeen Magazine. I wrote for the Surrey Comet in my university years covering varying subjects from local news to Thai kickboxing. Starting a full time role at Egmont Books, entering the rewarding void of Children’s Books Publishing before embarking on a new journey into the world of travel with a forward-thinking start up company linked to TUI and Thomas Cook. Working with travel agents, U.K Tourist Boards, Foreign Common Wealth Office and travel brands as a Travel Editor, Content Creator and Researcher. Writing destination guides, brochure and text specific copy for an innovative travel mobile app.

Current Work

I now enjoy flexible working as a freelance writer – covering travel, style and lifestyle opinion pieces.

Love the creativity of Canva, Trello and Padlet for visual white board inspiration (gone full circle from the 7 year old making scrapbooks….)

I am always looking for new assignments and collaborations, remote work and in-house. Small and large scale projects. Contact me!

SO if you are looking for a blog with a creative flair and a positive outlook – I’ve got you coveredall be it – work in progress.

Published Author

Positive Health Online Magazine – Recovery from life-threatening meningitis

Short Stories Anthology – Canadian Publisher

Travel Brochures

Lifestyle/Fitness Opinion Pieces

Food Heaven:

Poached eggs with smashed avocado, grilled halloumi cheese on sourdough bread. Lamb Kleftiko. Wensleydale with cranberries cheese.

Vodka Cranberry, Southern Comfort, Cosmopolitan, Kir Royale and Wine

Food Hell:


Where you will find me:

Wandering around the V & A Museum in Kensington at a fashion exhibition, enjoying the beach life paddle boarding or surfing along the U.K South Coast or Silver Coast Portugal, running off stresses in Kent, taking mindfulness walks, hiking in Madeira along the Levada trails or above the clouds getting close to the mountains, indulging on a city break, getting creative with photography and alfresco dining in the sunshine.


Contact for freelance writing work/collaborations/blogs/promotions. PR Friendly.

Email: mtlnsilva27@gmail.com

Twitter DM: MariaM @TravelRunMaria